Let AI listen,
Let AI understand.

DeepWave is dedicated to enabling AI to understand environmental sounds like humans do, achieving multifaceted sound processing. It transforms sounds into meaningful information in a database or creates engaging sound interaction experiences.

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SONA: The Instant-Use API Platform for Sound AI!

The SONA platform provides pre-trained models that can be used immediately just connect to our APIs!

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Meeting Ink: Meeting Minute Management System!

Focusing on meetings where you speak without needing to take notes. Let DeepWave help you with the note taking! With an accuracy rate of 90% or above, it supports multilingual recognition and quickly handles meeting minutes. AI technology automatically generates meeting summaries!.

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Noise Eraser: AI-denoise APP

With just one button, we handle noise just like a professional sound engineer. It takes ~1 minute to process a 5-minute clip. No need to worry about wind noise, rain noise, car noises, or dog barks— it keeps only the human voice!

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DeepWave Mini Apps

Discover the latest tech innovations designed for quick testing and concept validation. Come in, explore, and play with the coolest new gadgets!

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