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DeepWave Audio Intelligence Platform General Questions

What services do DeepWave offer?

When we spinned off from National Taiwan University, we have 23 licenced knowhows with us. Here are services we have launched:

Paid to use:
  • Noise Eraser AI denoise APP/Web
Request for trail:
  • SOVIA Sing Voice Separation
  • ChordPool Chord Recognition
  • Music Transcription
  • Speech Scoring
  • Speech intention recognition
  • Speaker Recognition
  • Speaker Diarization
  • Auto-transcription
  • Anomaly detection... and more to come.

Where does DeepWave's service based?

DeepWave provides AWS-based 7-24 cloud computing service.
If you are an enterprise with information security or procurement requirement, we also offer local/private cloud option. Write us an email and we are happy to discuss with you.

I have large audio processing demand. How can DeepWave help me?

Regular + large:
- If you have/are an engineering team, we have api for you.
- If you need a customized interface, we can tailor that for you.

One-time + Large:
If you need audio professions to handle files, you can send us a Google drive link. We have professionals offer customize service.

Small Batch:
If you simply need de-noise, please try Noise Eraser at

No matter which one, if you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us via the contact button on the page.

How will DeepWave charge?

  • APP and Web: Adopting a subscription-based fee, users can enjoy high-quality noise reduction services for USD$5 per month or USD$50 per year.
  • If it's API, please contact us and let us know how will you use it and the approximate scale you would use. We will give you a good deal.
  • If the file(s) need our audio profession to handle, the price will include manual pre-processing fee and AI processing fee. The quote will be determined by the the complexity and the length of the files. Feel free to reach out to us and get a quote!

I want to do it by myself. Do you have an APP or a web service?

We have BOTH! Our Noise Eraser offers iOS, Android, and Web version.

Where does Hullaballoo go?

Thanks for your long-term support. We have changed the name from “Hullaballoo” to “Noise Eraser”! Catchy and better service.