Applicable Scenarios

Music Entertainment

DeepWave is passionate about AI applications in music entertainment. We hope to leverage machine automation to relieve human workloads, thereafter to create for users a brand-new aural delight.

Online Education

With a great enthusiasm in online learning. We provide all kinds of audio processing solutions to assist teachers to manage the teaching materials from language to music classes. Teachers could visualize students' learning progress by implementing our technology in lesson planning. It creates a brand-new online education experience for both ends. DeepWave believes education should not be interrupted even in the pandemic.

Smart Manufacturing

DeepWave Anomaly detection AI model is replacing human ears to identify machines' abnormal sounds and to detect defective products. Since then, machines can be fully utilized and to help avoid workers' hearing damage.

Content and New Media

As DeepWave foresees the strong demand in new media, we provide audio processing AI application services to content creators reducing their technical constraints and budget.

Strategic Partners